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Why Are Griswold Pans Collectible

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Antique Utensils Price Guide. This article will introduce you some of the more popular antique utensils as well as pricing information for specific categories.

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There’s nothing like a quality, well-seasoned cast iron pan. Iron is heavy, solid stuff, and if you make a mistake while casting it, there’s no going back for corrections. In the collectible cast.

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Lebanon Street, across from Cooke’s Rentals, and looks like your average thrift ship/antique store/junk shop/consignment shop.

As opposed to modern cast iron skillets, vintage cast iron has a smoother surface and a lighter weight. The smoother surface aids the non-stick properties of these pans. Neither company can be said to be more collectible nor their products of higher quality. Both Griswold and Wagner produced cast iron that is highly collectible today.

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The use of cast iron for cookware is centuries old and many of the vintage pieces can still be used today. For example, cast iron Dutch ovens were used by the settlers of the United States as they traveled westward.

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I hear the question all the time: How old is my Wagner cast iron skillet? Is there a way to date my Wagner cast iron dutch oven? Or even my Griswold skillet?

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Read the How old is my cast iron skillet? discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Cast Iron food community. Join the discussion today.

This is a beauty. It is the first odorless skillet I have had. It was manufactured by the Griswold Mfg. Co. in Erie, PA in the 1890s. These skillets were made for use over old stove cooktops with eyes; apparently the odors were to be drafted down into the stove via the holes on the rim, instead of wafting through the house.

His first book, The David Wood Food Book, is a treasured collectible cookbook on my book shelves. Barbecued Ratatouille, a.

Other Gem Pans. Other manufacturers, such as Lodge, BSR, Favorite and Martin, also produced gem pans, but none to quite the extent and originality as those of Waterman, R&E, Filley, Griswold…

Dean R, from Massachusetts, wrote to “Ask The Pan Handler” and sent along two photographs of a pretty square skillet. Dean asked for help with identification of the pan. He said, “This skillet has a gate mark, is marked with L7 on the bottom, and has four small legs.

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Dec 12, 2002  · The only iron skillets that aren’t collectible are marked with the numbers 3, 6 and 8. Those were part of every newlywed’s starter set. The best frying pan is marked with the number 1.

While most of the GMC cookware is a desired collectible, almost all collectors avoid the small Griswold logo era. The former quality and casting isn’t there, for the most part. The small emblem items are good for users of cast iron because they don’t have the price tag of the collectibles.

Venerable French cookware. of a departure. Why? Because it’s soooo sweet! Dubbed the Sorbet Collection, the products are pastel-hued and a whole lot more whimsical than what we’re used to from Le C.

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I was in an antique market the other day that I don’t get to a lot, and there seemed to be a large number of Griswold skillets, chicken fryers and miscellany, in a.

Lodge Logic Muffin Pan: Lodge Logic makes a cast iron popover pan, but it doesn’t have the space between the cups that I read is important.So I turned to eBay and found an antique Griswold popover pan that was perfect.

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Collectible Cast Iron Handled Griddles, Rectangular Long Griddles, Round Bailed Griddles, Griswold Large Block Logo Handled Griddles by Griswold, Mi-Pet Skillet-Griddle by Western Foundry, Favorite, Lodge, Wagner Ware, and Wapak.

It takes a little effort to restore cast iron cookware, but it’s worth it. This post covers cleaning and restoring cast iron with step by step photos. We’ll help you strip and reseason damaged and rusted cast iron cookware so it looks and cooks the way it should. (Plus you’ll see why vintage cast.

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The prices you are seeing online are because of rarity and the collecting market. There are people who collect Griswold and some pieces are so rare that they go for literally thousands of dollars. The "spider" Griswold pans, for example. If you are a cook and want vintage cast iron, Griswold is good. But so is Wagner, Vollrath, and many others.

One Griswold item especially difficult to locate is the Erie No. 5 skillet, made only in 1907, and with very low production. One in good condition is valued at $650 to $700 price range. A reproduction is valued at $5 or less.

It’s a Griswold. For the uninitiated, Griswold is king and court in the vintage skillet world. It’s important to get a grasp of this. It was as dominant a force in the industry in its time (1865-1957) as Lodge is today. Today, skillets that carry its name are lauded for their craftsmanship and attention to.